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Great, simple todo app!

It's a simple list/category based todo app, but the interface works well, for me, and I use it for my day to day errand type stuff. It's not suitable for complex project management, but it's perfect for keeping track of your daily errands & todos.

Really Like This!

I've had this app ever since it came out and it keeps getting better. I use it everyday and I really like everything about it! The options for different color backgrounds makes personalization great; being able to input a phone number that connects to my contacts and calling simply by tapping on the icon; quick choices to tap for due dates and mire. The best thing about this app is that the developer is very open to suggestions and has used some of mine! Keep up the good work.

Very good but can be better

Wish it had push notifications when do dates are close. I keep them written down but forget to open app.

Very good application.

This is the only task manager app that I see myself using. Although I would like to see a more sexy interface, oter than that it works great.

Very Practical and Simple For Fast Notes

Have tried several other quick note applications, however, so far they are too crowded with extraneous information which slows down my note taking. This app. is simple and straightforward. It's easy. It has some bugs which should be cleared up, but once that is done it will be very good. In the future perhaps a time of day could be added to a note, and/or an audible or messaged notification.

Good app, too many bugs...

I've had this app for about 9 months and use it (sort of) regularly. "Sort of" - meaning when it doesn't get bogged down by bugs, promised to be fixed on their next update. They have made great improvements by adding due dates and the ability to attach phone numbers, etc... But maybe we should concentrate the next update on bug fixing only, Productivity. My particular issue today is that I can not scroll on the page to edit an item on the to-do list. The only menu items I can view are "Task Name, Phone Number, and Comment" (I have a small list in the comment field.

Sort feature seems to be missing

I downloaded this app for my itouch and either I can't figure out where the SORT feature is or somehow it is missing. This feature is important to me so without it basically the app is pointless.

Great app

This is my favourite to do list app. I tried about five. I like this one 'cos it's simple, but you can set a due date.

good, but

I like the simplicity of this app., but some of the features don't seem to work for me. The settings do not seem to have an effect on the app. at all.

Best I've found but could be better

This is the best, most intuitive to do list I have found in the app store so far. I would like to see th eoption to save any to do that I create in a bank so that I do not need to retype it every time I want it on my list (example: "get haircut," "Take dog to vet," Change car oil). Thanks and I look forward to the update!

Useful app

This is the first to do list for the I phone that I have been able to make use of. I have tried several before this one. I like the app. I would like to be able to re-arange and proiritze my list though.

Not Ready for Prime Time

This is a great to do list, but it keeps crashing. How can you sell an app for $2.99 and have so many bugs not worked out yet. The ideas are great, so functional, but I wouldn't buy until it is more stable.

Good but keeps closing

I really like this program but it keeps closing on me when I try to add or edit my to dos. I just got it yesterday! Fix it, please!

Not stable

The program keeps closing when I try to update tasks.

Simplicity is bliss

This is a fine app because of its simplicity of entering tasks quickly and thus saving time. Most of us don't need a complicated program with all the bells and whistles. I like how the number of tasks is shown on the iphone's home screen next to the app. Kudos to the developers on this one!

Excellent To Do Application

This developer has taken feedback from users and re designed IDO. I am very happy with the changes that were made and this application is now in prime time. The developer support has been excellent and I would recommend this app to anyone. This is a must buy if your looking for a to do solution to organize your day. Thank You David

Can't update

Not getting updates. Good app, but I'm on version 1.1 website on version 11, but the support email isn't valid and updates aren't coming.

Needs a Fix

Nifty little app but will be better when everything works. The comments section doesn't work. Put a comment in and when I return to look at it, comment section is blank. Also, should not have to go through edit to look at comments.

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